Fashion Photography is one of the most popular and highly cost effective styles of photography. Our comprehensive hands on fashion photography workshop can help you get one pace closer in becoming a Fashion Photographer. Our fashion photography includes extensive technical and practical information along with some beautiful fashion models, professional hair and makeup artists as well as fashion stylists in a fully equipped studio or on location. The main significance of this workshop is on learning various lighting techniques such as working with professional studio lighting, natural and ambient light as well as mixture of daylight and strobes, covering all the fundamentals of fashion photography, team management to posing models, directing and arousing subject matters for the best mood and emotion and learning how to accomplish an ideal shoot every single time and also an opportunity to work alongside a leading fashion photographer by learning his trade secrets, lighting techniques and much more…

There’s one thing I have learned from becoming a full time fashion photographer is that the photography is the easy part, no one ever tells you how hard it is to find work , how to pay the bills, what red tape you will face and what hoops you will jump through to make it all work. Beauty is in the eye of beholder, but what if you could spontaneously create beauty and achieve desirable result via makeup, lighting, capture and post processing??

So in our workshop: lighting captures post, photographers will analyze the different elements of delivering such beauty from prep to post. If you are trying to upgrade your existing body of work, this workshop is for YOU!