Heel Height Test

I don't know if you know about this heel height test but this is an awesome resource for female models! When I found this site and I felt embarrassed because I have been modeling for a long time and I did not know about the proper way to use heel shoes. This time, I want to share this detail information to all models to be aware of this and don't end up like me for not knowing important detail. I normally wear 4 inches heel shoes and it hurts my feet so much!  After I took this heel height test, I learned that my feet only can handle up to 3 inch heel height.  Finally comfortable walking with 3 inches heel shoes without hurting my feet! If you want to wear at least 4 inches heel height, I would suggest you to massage your feet everyday.




 Dr. Emma's Guide

  • To find your perfect heel height, take off your shoes, sit on a chair and extend one leg straight in front of you.
  • Where would your heel touch the ground? With your leg stretched out in front of you and the knee supported, make an imaginary line from the heel to the ground.
  • If your foot is at a right angle to your outstretched leg and does not dangle, you have a low ankle-joint axis and will be more comfortable in flat shoes than in high heels. Kate Moss is the standard-bearer for flats  -  they are obviously what suit her feet best.
  • If your foot points down, you need to measure the distance between the top of your big toe and an imaginary line from the bottom of your heel. This is the right heel height for you. Measure it against your favourite shoes  -  the ones you swear you are most comfortable in, no matter how high or low. I can almost guarantee the heel will match it.

Exercises For Wearing High Heels

Expert high heel wearer Sarah Toner is here to show you some simple exercises for warming your feet up so you can wear high heels all day.

Step 1: Foot massage

Start your foot massage by rubbing the soles, balls and heels of your feet.

Hold your ankle with one hand and interlace your fingers of your other hand with your toes, rotating your foot in both directions. Keep your ankle relaxed and let your hands do the work. 

Next, grip your foot with both hands and make 'wringing' movements.

Finally, pinch the ends of the each of your toes. Repeat the whole process with the other foot.

Step 2: Foot stretches

Push yourself up onto your toes and circle your ankles while keeping your toes on the ground. Do this a few times and then reverse the movement. 
Put your feet flat on the ground and arch your toes back. Now 'walk' forward by scrunching the toes downwards and lifting your heels up, then placing your heels down and arching your toes back. Reverse this technique when you can't go any further.

Step 3: Standing stretches

Stand up and hold onto the back of a chair with both hands. Think about keeping your stomach muscles and the muscles beneath your bottom firm.

Rise up onto your tip toes and lower yourself back down several times. Think about keeping your inside thighs firm. Feel your calves tighten and relax as you lower your heels.

Next, stretch out your calf muscles by moving one leg behind the other, placing the heel of the foot flat onto the floor.

Finally, stand to the side of the chair, holding it with one hand, with the other hand on your outer hip. 
Gently slide each foot forward and back, sliding through the ball of the foot to the tip of your toes and back.